(New Delhi) “I am a fashion designer and I am trying to establish my own brand. It is very hard to establish your own business in today’s world where everything is quite expensive. Designing is not just limited to creativity. It needs a lot of marketing and business acumen to promote your product. We are using the rich fabric of India which is completely hand woven by cottage industry workers. Through my brand, I try to promote fair trade for weavers and ensure they get regular work and a fair price. I help them incorporate modern designs in the traditional handicraft. I feel very strongly that Indian handicrafts should be kept alive and not get lost in western fashion. 
I am also trying to help transgender community through my business. They have been denied the most basic rights for a long time. I am planning to have photo shoots with models from the transgender community and help them through my business. 
A friend of mine had participated in Mrs India contest and she suggested that I should participate. Even my husband was quite supportive. I felt it was a good chance to promote the social causes that I already worked for.  As part of the contest requirement, I further got an opportunity to work with an NGO on a project under the Swachh Bharat Abhiyaan. I got a chance to educate underprivileged children about basic hygiene and spend time with them. I also got a chance to spread awareness about violence against women. We always need an opportunity to challenge ourselves and see how far you can push yourself. I was one of the finalists in the contest and won the title of Mrs India Creative. I further went on to win Miss Asia Universe first runner up. 

I feel life is a battle and everyone is busy fighting their own battles. I thank God even for my bad experiences that I had to go through. I am wiser now. There is no end to learning; you are always growing as a person.”