(New Delhi) “I am a practicing Supreme Court lawyer. I take up any kind of case that I am offered. I also handle pro bono human rights cases. Currently, my cases range from giving legal assistance to people from North East India trying to assimilate in Delhi to helping a student from Other Backward Classes (OBC) category to get admission in JNU, cases of sexual harassment etc. to name a few. I also work with an organisation that reunites runaway children or abused children with their families. Recently, I accompanied two girls in Bihar and in Mumbai to reunite with their respective families. We walked miles through fields in remote area of Samastipur District in Bihar to reunite the girl and found her family living in abject poverty.  I take these situations as a challenge to do more. 
I come from a conservative, middle class family in a small town in Bihar. I studied in UP and now I am practicing law independently in Delhi. In the last 17½ years of my practice, I have faced a lot of rigorous challenges. So every case that I win is a unique experience and a special achievement for me.
People often tell me that the law and order situation in Bihar is bad. But now I feel that I must go back to my soil, Bihar. I want to help children there who have a lot of potential but have not gotten any opportunity to build their life or career. I may join politics to reach out to larger section of the society but that’s my long term plan. At the end of the day, I want to help as many people as I can.”