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For Women In India
For Women In India started as an initiative to help women seeking legal advice and a support system in matters related to domestic violence, sexual assault and sexual harassment at workplace free of cost. Currently, we are also building a nationwide online resource centre to assist women access resources available for their welfare and safety.

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Unseen & Unheard: Our Stories
This is the second chapter of our blog which gives a glimpse of life of women in India. Their everyday struggles and achievements. Apart from our website, you can follow the stories at the following social media pages:
For Women In India Network
For Women In India recently started their first YouTube Channel which aims to put forth and discus various issues pertaining to women. You are welcome to e-mail or message your suggestions and feedback or any other input you may have. This channel is for everyone championing women’s cause and for self-motivation.
We also accept aspiring YouTubers or entertainers to submit their videos to be featured on our channel. You can subscribe our channel here.
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