(New Delhi) “During my trainings and discussion on laws related to immoral trafficking, I always ask participants who is immoral in these cases and the answer is vague. My next question is how many names do we have for sex workers? They come out with many names. Then I ask them how many names do they have for the person who goes to her? They respond with “client” and “customer” which are considered respectable. 
My next question is why a woman does such a thing. The general response is that women want to earn ‘easy money’. I take them through the statistics to explain what “easy way of earning money” entails. 
Sex is either for pleasure or for love or within the social commitment of marriage. But the sex which is sold has no element of attraction and does not bring any obligation inherent in a marriage. On the contrary, it is violent and damaging. Statistics show an average sex worker will have sex 12-14 times in a day; there are different kind of people: diseased, dirty, violent and perverse. On top of that, increasing numbers of disabled children, mostly deaf and mute, are entering the market. 
Statistics also reveal that the market is for younger girls. By the time they are 30-35 years old they are out of market. Not every sex worker can become a mausi. They are so severely damaged that they either die or beg. But most of them actually just die. Another reason why a woman sells sex is because she is not left with any other option.” (3/3)