(Patna) “I am a teacher and have been teaching for the last 33 years. I always tell my students that their parents are working hard to build their future, and so they should work hard too. If they understand their parents feelings, only then they will progress in life.When students come back to meet me, it feels good. I remember once I wanted to visit a temple but it was very crowded and I couldn’t go inside. Then I saw a girl in a police uniform walk up to me, and said let me take you inside. She was a former student. 

I have eight sisters. As kids we used to study together and help each other out. Someone was good at Science while someone else in Maths. Now, one sister is a lecturer, another is a home maker, one is a doctor, and five of us are teachers. We were in a joint family. I feel joint family is a good practice and that’s how I was able to do my job as there was always someone in the family to look after my child.”