(Bhopal) “Some of my batchmates told me that a very dear friend of mine has met with an accident that but he was okay. I was not told anything beyond that. When I reached the hospital, I saw his parents crying a lot; I had an intuition that something was wrong. Finally, I was told that my friend was in a coma.

Amongst all of our batchmates, he is the youngest. He is 19 now. He was 17 when we joined college. For all of us, he is like a kid. He was never rude to anyone even when someone was rude to him. He is a good human being and everyone in the college knows him for his kindness. I knew him right from the first day of our first year in college. He is my best friend and is like a younger brother to me. So it is difficult to see my younger brother in that place. His parents were obviously in shock to see their child in that condition but they are doing better now as half of our classmates and my friend’s relatives are also in the hospital with his parents. They are stronger.

He is on the ventilator. There is no deterioration or improvement in his condition. We are all mentally prepared that he may take a long time to recover but we want him out of danger and healthy like before. For the time being, we will assume that he is sleeping, taking rest.

He is a very good man and doesn’t deserve this. But I know he will fight till the end. It has been a lesson for the entire college that everyone should take care of certain rules. Please don’t drink and drive. Even if you are taking only a peg or a sip, don’t drive. The one who was driving was physically uninjured, but it is really unfortunate that another friend, who was with them, passed away.”