Frequently Asked Questions

Who is the workshop for?

The workshop is intended for anyone working in the legal field or human rights arena or whoever wants to understand the current domestic violence law in India. It is meant for lawyers, paralegal workers, protection officers, social workers, activists, medical professionals and students. 

How will I benefit from it?

The workshop has been deconstructed here into simple language for you to understand even if you are not a lawyer. You will learn a very important subject that is being discussed at international level. Additionally, it will improve your resume. The knowledge will also help you when applying for a job in development sector. 

How many modules are there?

The course is divided into four modules. Every Monday you will receive a new module and by the end of the week, you will be asked to submit an assignment. 

How will it help in building my resume?

Gender studies is a topic of national and international relevance. It is an added competency that will reflect on your diverse interests and social awareness.

Will I get any certificate on completing the workshop?

Yes, if you successfully complete the course then you will be given a certificate. 

What happens if I lose the certificate?

You can request a duplicate copy of the certificate for Rs. 500.

Can I get a refund if I don’t want to pursue the workshop?

We do not offer any refunds. 

Do we have to give any exams to complete the workshop?

There are no exams. There will be weekly assignments to ensure that you understand the course material. 

What is the process after enrollment?

Once you enroll in the course, you will be sent a welcome kit along with some reading material. Your course is divided into four parts and at the beginning of each week you will be given the course material. At the end of the week, you will be required to submit an assignment. Your workshop will be deemed complete at the end of the fourth week, after you have submitted the final assignment.   

Is it a live workshop?

It is not a live workshop. You will be provided course material over a period of four weeks.

How long will it take to complete the workshop?

Four weeks

What happens if I miss the deadline of the assignment?

You will be given an additional week. If you are still not able to submit then you will have to reapply for the course.

How difficult is the workshop?

The course materials provided are easy to understand as they are written workshop has been divided into small modules.

I am not a law student. Is this workshop still relevant for me?

Yes, Gender Studies are part of most curriculum.  

Is there any scholarship that I can apply for? 

Currently there are no scholarships available for this workshop. 

Can you provide some tips on how to complete the course?

Some helpful tips to complete the course:

  • -Divide the weekly course material into small parts and finish one portion each day 
  • -Read the questions carefully before you answer them 
  • -Double check your answers