(New Delhi) “I have been studying here for 2-3 years. My parents work in agricultural fields. We don’t have to pay any fees here. I love to apply mehendi (henna design).”

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(New Delhi) “I came here two years ago.”

Her teacher: “She is good in studies. Once she decides to learn something then she quickly learns it. She knows more than the class fifth students here. She knows everything counting, name of months and days.” 

(New Delhi) “I have been teaching here for over seven months. I teach almost all the subjects for students up to the fifth grade level and I teach Maths to the students of 10th grade. 
I am a housewife. My kids are all grown up now. My son is doing B.Tech and my daughter has just finished her class 10. I felt free from most of the household chores and I had free time which I wanted to put it to good use. I had heard a lot about the Under the Bridge school including interviews of Rajesh Sharma (who started the school) on the radio. After hearing about this school, I was sure that I wanted to go there and help in teaching poor kids. My husband also encouraged me to take out time for this noble cause. So the family was very supportive and encouraging and very soon I started working here. 
Children here study diligently. A little effort is required on both their and our part. Sometimes students studying in sixth and seventh grade of local school are unable to read simple Hindi. So we need to have a very patient approach and explain to them same things again and again.”  

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