(New Delhi) “If you are a single girl from the North-East living on your own, you can expect to have problems with housing. There is discrimination at several levels. People are hesitant to show you the house because they are not interested in you as a tenant. They also ask you a hundred questions. These are personal and nosey questions such as: Who will visit you? How long will you stay out? Will you be back home by 10 pm? It is none of their business. After finding a place to live, you can only hope that you don’t have to go house hunting in the near future.” 

(New Delhi) “I sell jewelry at India Gate. I usually earn around Rupees 100 to 500 everyday. There are also some days when I am not able to sell anything. We obviously have problems selling our goods here as we have to run if police or any government officials shows up. My husband is a daily wager. Sometimes he gets work and somedays he does not.”

(New Delhi) “Right now, my personal challenge is in managing my child and work at the same time. Sometimes, I feel guilty about not spending enough time with my daughter. But, in the long run, I feel she will respect me more for my struggles. I feel I shouldn’t judge myself for having a purpose in life. After having a baby, I have made major adjustments to my life but I don’t regret it. On the weekends, my husband and I try to take our daughter out to the park. Even if we don’t take her out, we just play with her and spend time with her.”