Unseen & Unheard: Our Stories

(Gurgaon) “I was eight months pregnant when I lost my husband. It was very painful. Every day and every second I miss him and I cannot imagine my life without him. I feel uprooted, my home was with him. But I am proud of him that he went as a soldier and he is called a matyr or a shaheed. At the same time I am filtering the loss so that it does not affect my baby because whatever I think or whatever I feel will be subconsciously passing on to him, and I wanted to be very careful about that. Of course, I wasn’t that successful because it was a very tough time. These tough situations make us and tell us who we really are.

All I can do is just gather myself and be strong and not go around blaming people for anything, “why did it happen?” is not even a question. Be independent and be strong but that does not mean that you don’t cry; you cry. But not go around blaming anyone, not go around hurting people, not go into depression, you hold yourself strong, that’s what I mean.”